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Artistic Labour of the Body (Brill, forthcoming)

Instability of Form after the Global Turn (in progress)

Articles (Peer Reviewed)

2024 ‘Architectures of Social Crisis in Melanie Gilligan’s Films Against Capitalism’, FKW // Zeitschrift für Geschlechterforschung und visuelle Kultur, no. 73 (18 January 2024): 44–59.

2020 ‘Negation’, Kunst und Politik. Jahrbuch der Guernica-Gesellschaft, Keywords for Marxist Art History Today, Bd. 21 (2020), 97–106


2019 ‘Contradictions in Time: Fascism’s use of “Woman” and Feminist Resistance in Austria’, Third Text, 33.3 (2019), 355–73


2018 ‘Disfiguration, Obliteration: What Remains of the Body in the Works of Unica Zürn and VALIE EXPORT’, Performance Research, 23.8 (2018), 39–48


Book Chapters

2020 ‘The Vanishing of the Family in Plumes of Smoke’, in Feminist Takes: Early Works, eds. by Antonia Majaca, Rachel O’Reilly and Jelena Vesic, (Berlin: Sternberg Press), pp. 210-225


2020 ‘Howardena Pindell’, in Feminist Avant-Garde, ed. by., Gabriele Schor, (Prestel), pp. 149-151


2017 ‘The Fate of Labour in Love’, in Objects of Feminism, Art theoretical writings from the Academy of Fine Arts 10, eds. by., Maija Timonen and Josefine Wiström (Helsinki: The Academy of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts Helsinki, 2017), pp. 75-95


Essays and Articles

2023 'Autonomy's Double Bind', Review, Illiberal Arts at Ludwig Forum, Aachen, in Brand-New-Life Magazine, December 2023

2023 'Sacrificial Energy,' review essay of Charging Myths at Framer Framed, in Brand-New-Life Magazine, June 2023

2022 ‘How Does One Get to Own a Mountain’, review of Potosi Prinzip Archiv at Kunstraum Schwaz, in Brand-New-Life Magazine, August 2022


2020 ‘Notes on Care in light of Securitization’, Akademie Schloss Solitude Journal Issue 01 – Collective Care and Response-ability <link>


2019 ‘A Letter from Vienna’, Tribune Magazine, Summer 2019, pp. 25-27


2017 ‘Fraternising in Austria’, in Art Monthly 410, October 2017, pp. 41-42


2017 ‘VALIE EXPORT: Image and Body Space’, in AWARE Archives of Women Artists Research & Exhibitions, November 2017 (available in translation in French)


2016 Alex Fletcher, Rose-Anne Gush and Sebastian Truskolaski, ‘From Berg to Beyoncé,’ review of Adorno and Politics: 1st Istanbul Critical Theory Conference, Boğaziçi University, Radical Philosophy 199 (September – October 2016), pp. 65-67

Book Reviews

2020 Review of Rachel Middleman, Radical Eroticism, Women, Art and Sex in the 1960s (University of California Press), Sculpture Journal, pp. 96-100

2016 Review of On Photography, Walter Benjamin, ed. and trans. by Esther Leslie (Reaktion Books) in Philosophy of Photography Vol. 7, Issue 1 – 2 (2016), pp. 171-183


Exhibition Reviews

2023 Review of 'The Other: Reimagine the Future' at Kunsthaus Graz, in Camera Austria, November 2023, pp. 69-71


2022 Review of ‘we sat rigid except for the parts of our bodies that were needed for production’ at Grazer Kunstverein for Artforum

2018 Review of ‘Antarctica, an exhibition on Alienation’, at Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, in Art Monthly, 422, December 2018, pp. 23-24

2018 Review of ‘Donna Huanca: Piedra Quemada’ at Lower Belvedere, Vienna, in art-agenda, December 2018

2018 Review of ‘Barbara Kapusta, The Giant’ at Gianni Manhatten, Vienna, in Flash Art, November 2018

2016 ‘War by any Means’, review of Sidsel Meineche Hansen’s Second Sex War, at Gasworks, in Mute Magazine, May 2016

Exhibition Texts

2022     LOCK, Rachel Fäth, at Loggia Loggia Loggia, Munich

2022     Komme Gleich, Johanna Magdalena Guggenberger at Wonnerth Dejaco, Vienna

2020     Funferal, Olivia Coeln at Georg Kargl Box, Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna

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